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Who He Says He Is

My son Rick was murdered some time ago and as a mother it was difficult to leave California and move to Texas after retiring. I used to visit his grave all the time. My other son decided to stay in California.

In Texas my husband and I did not know anyone and we happened to move to a new subdivision in the hill country. It is beautiful here, but I was very very depressed after the move. There were only two houses built at the time and the mail boxes.

I took a walk very early in the morning and was crying as I walked. I passed the mail boxes and then I smelled the cologne he used to wear all the time. My heart beat very rapidly because there was absolutely no one around, just trees. As I walked faster, the aroma got stronger and I felt warm. I remembered his words “Mom you are the best and I will never leave you”.

I literally ran back home and got my husband. We both ran back together and he smelled it too. He looked around to see if anything was spilt around the mail box and a little further he searched the ground, but no, nothing. We hugged each other and remembered his words. We knew that he never left us and he understood my anguish. He wasn’t leaving me no matter where we went.

The strange thing about this is that when I shared my story with my other son, he wanted to know the TIME – you see, my angel had visited him too in a dream. He knew how much we all loved each other.

To all the mothers who have lost a child I will only say this:” The Lord is greater and more powerful than any force on earth”. Our Angels are sent as messengers to tenderly touch us with “The Lord is who he says he is”.

Submitted by Toni Gonzales

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