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What Am I Missing?

My name is A—-, I’m sixteen. When I was fourteen, I was diagnosed with severe depression. Many people said to me: “Oh kid, you’re too young to be depressed – shut your mouth and get on with it.” Some of them were in denial about the reality of the severity of my illness, however most genuinely believed I was too young to have deep emotions such as those.

I believed in nothing and I was in a hopelessly dark place. Through the years I’ve struggled with faith. I had a desire to believe; but science always got in the way. Somehow I came across an alternative healing method – Bio-Energy. The woman there always prayed to the Higher Powers and to the Angels before our sessions. I was fourteen, and I bluntly asked her if she was religious, and why. She explained to me that she wasn’t religious – but spiritual. A whole new concept to me. She told me of the beauty of angels, how people have genuinely real relationships with them and how they work with people. I was taken aback by it all, and immediately went to appointments with Angelic Healers. I’ve been to numerous healers that work alongside the angels.

Two years on, I try every single day to communicate clearly with my angels.

-I light candles.
-I burn essential oils and incense.
-I clear away the clutter.
-I have an angelic alter.
-I use my angel cards.
-I meditate.
-I’ve read EVERY angel book I could get my hands on.
-I invite them to meet me and communicate with me clearly EVERY single day.
-I take the deep breaths.
-I have only positive, good intentions.
-I clear my mind of wandering thoughts and negativity.
-I talk to the angels.
-I write to the angels.
-I invite the angels into my dream-time.
-I truly do believe in angels.
-I’ve given it time.. Two years to be precise.

And I don’t get anything.
I’ve never seen anything/anyone.
I’ve never heard anyone.
I’ve never gotten any clear guidance.
I’m making sure not to block things out of my mind.. I’m listening.

I feel really disheartened, I really don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. My belief that they exist, and that they’re there has kept me going, but I really want to engage with them through sight, sound and feeling..

This is my story so far. Maybe someone will respond and tell me what I’m doing wrong. People say everyone has the same ability to connect with angelic realms, I just hope someone can teach me.


Response from site admin:

Unfortunately, you are looking to the wrong source for answers. Angels are real and many people have had experiences where angels came to their rescue, delivered a message, etc. However, angels don’t belong to us; they belong to God and He alone is the one who sends them to communicate with us. To do all of the things you have tried to do to communicate with angels may, in fact, open you up to demonic oppression. I highly recommend the following steps:

1. Pray to God the Father through His son, Jesus Christ

2. Ask HIM to become a part of your life and to comfort you through His Holy Spirit

3. Ask Him to guide you. He has promised us His Spirit will guide us into all truth.

4. Ask Him to bring people into your life that will help you to overcome your depression.

5. Read the Bible, especially the Book of John and Psalm 91

6. Ask Him to protect your mind from the lies of the “angel of light”, satan, and to deliver you from satan’s evil plans.

7. Trust in the Lord (God, Jesus) with all your heart

8. Read the following articles on this site:



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