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The Angels That Brought me Safely Home

One night I was late (2200hrs) in going home as there were lots of things to be done in the office. I took a train from Shaw Boulevard going to SM North Edsa (Trinoma Mall) as i always do. Tired and battered with

Flying Along

Flying Along by: Anna Koleno My Beautiful angel As sweet as can be Lets me know That I am flying along with you I feel your hugs I feel your touch I feel the air under my feet Letting me fly Lets me

Angels Are Real

I have always thought angels existed but one late night a few years ago I got a definite sign.  Two of my friends and I had just picked up another friend from work and we came to a usually busy intersection but it

Is he an Angel?

About two years ago when i was eleven, my mom was seriously sick. I didn’t now what was wrong with her. So when it was time to go to my dad’s house i got a call from the hospital saying my mom is

Angel Intervention

I have 3 short stories that could be dismissed as coincidence but I believe in GOD and Angels and like to think it was an Angel that warned / helped in each instance. Story 1:  Lost Angel The year was 1990, I was

Iwo Jima and the Gigantic Angel

My father was in the 4th Marine Division during WWII and was a signalman and radio operator. His division made 4 landings in the Pacific and he survived by the grace of God. The story I am sharing with you my Dad told me in

Angel in My Kitchen

I was a young single mom and allowed myself to be over stressed with worry. I had to decide to spend the balance of a month’s budget for either a snow suit or a pair of expensive corrective shoes for my toddler.  I

My Three Angels

From the time I was a child I always knew Angels protected me, but never knew their names. In 1997 my nephew, Billy, was murdered. To honor him I bought an Angel pin with his birthstone and wore it everyday. Sadly, in 2003, my

Who was on the Phone?

About 9 years ago, I was working in home care.  One weekend evening, I had to see a patient in a not-so-great part of town.  It was wintertime, so it was dark outside already.  The visit with the patient was uneventful, and I was

Heavenly Helpers

Beautiful and loving do the angels fly. They rejoice when we smile and comfort us when we cry. Bells remind me when they ring, that they say another angel is getting their wings. God has sent us his love and light, by his