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Rebirth Vision of Angels in Womb

After being agnostic for 25 years, my life felt meaningless. I didn’t acknowledge my soul, anybody else’s soul; thought when you die its over and done, and that all the spiritual fuss was just an excuse to sin, be forgiven, or manipulation from

The Angel By My Bedroom Door

In the mid 1970s I was about five years old and was looking at books of Dick and Jane in my bedroom on my bed when my angel encounter occurred. I have always been fascinated by angels. As a child my mother often

A Stern Angel

Parents are often forced to correct their child that is doing something foolish or dangerous with a stern and commanding voice of “GET OVER HERE NOW!” to keep their child safe.  In my incident it was an Angel commanding me like a stern

My rose angel

I have always believed that Angels are always watching over us. Over the past few years I developed a mental illness and I have always had a hard time accepting it. This last evening after I finished my evening walk with my family


I look to the heavens,Far beyond the sky,I raise up my arms,I then shout WHY…..?I try my best,I work real hard,Why do you endeavourTo break my heart?I drop down on my knees,I burst into tears,Why do I have so many fears?I call out

Guardian Angel by Iain Baines

I am your guardian angel, I am your friend,Each time you sorrow,Your heart I shall mend,Be not afraid,Of what is to come,I will always be with you,Through hardship and fun,Forever we are connected,For always, we truly are,I am your protector,You are my star,Never

An Angel of God showed me the way

I am Vijayakumar Anand. I am not a native English speaker so please bear with me. I am a born Christian. I had experienced God’s love in my life so many times. But i do not usually talk much about it. But this recent

Divine Provision

I have always heard and read of people’s experiences about angels but I have never had the opportunity to experience one until one faithful Saturday. I am a member of my church choir and I had to go for rehearsals that day. Things

The Angels I Remember

The food we didn’t see but was sent (1975) It was the middle of winter and I was eight years old, my mum wasn’t very well she was sick in her bed and was off work for a while, I had one older

A Warning from an Angel

Several years ago I was in my car traveling home from work.  I work grave shift 4am till noon.  There are two lanes heading west, the direction I was traveling when I decided to pass the car in front of me.  I put my