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We Are Not Alone

About ten years ago, I was very lost in life. Many stressful things were going on in my life and I needed some guidance. I went to my public library to view different kinds of books. A woman who was speaking to another person caught my eye and the only words I heard out of her as she spoke (with eye contact with me) were, “He is a genius.”

Of course I wondered of whom she spoke but I didn’t hear anymore of her conversation. I went over to an aisle to look up a book, and noticed her and her gentleman friend coming toward me down my aisle. No eye contact that time. She bent over to look at some titles of books but did not take any from the shelf. Within a few minutes she left the library. Of course, curious of what type of books she looked at, I went over to where she was to snoop. It was books on Jesus Christ. In my heart I knew she was an angel bringing me a message. I had always believed in God, but had faded on and off through the years. From that point forward, I have been so much stronger in my belief in Him.

I also had another encounter with an angel in 1994. My oldest son had learned to drive and we were headed to the north end of town. A car pulled right out in front of us. All of a sudden everything went into slow motion. It was just like in the movies’ slow motion. We were fine. I know someone intervened. About a week earlier I had read a story in Guidepost Magazine by someone who used my maiden name in the article, “Mary Ann Bradley.” It was a story of an auto accident that almost happened but an angel intervened. I truly believe in my heart this is what happened in my “almost” accident the wee later.

Then, yesterday I was truly depressed about life and the different personal things that are happening to me. It was weird, I got in the car and turned on the radio and the words “You gotta have faith” by George Michael blurted out. I couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes life gets us down but we have to remember, we are not alone.

by Mary Williams

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