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The Whoosh, Whoosh of Angel Wings

by Ms. Pearl Bayliss

I was talking to my son and his wife about Jesus and just didn’t realise the time.   As I looked at the clock it was 11:50 pm and I had to travel about 23 miles to get home . The road was dark and in places you lost all signal to your mobile phone if you needed it, as the road turned and twisted by a lake then down into a valley and up out through wood land.  Although my son wanted me to stay over I said my good byes but had to leave as i had an appointment early the next morning .
” I will be fine,” I said .” God will be with me all the way.”

As I came out of the little village and into the country, I put a worship tape on  low volume and started praying in the Spirit then in English and back in the Spirit. As I came down the hill into the valley I heard a noise — a whoosh like a flapping sound. Oh dear, I thought, have I got a flat tyre?

Winding my window down and slowing my speed I could still here this whoosh, whooosh.  I slowly let go of the steering wheel to see if the car pulled to the side.  It didnt. I continued to pray in the spirit.

Well, I thought, I will drive carefully and get out of the valley and get as far as I can to the main road. There I will be able to use my phone.
There was a great peace about me and I kept my window open.  The whoosh noise was a sound I recognized, but couldnt think what it reminded me of.
As I drove out of the valley onto the main road, I was traveling about 45 to 50 mph though it seemed I was travelling much faster.  It felt as if I was no longer on the road– there was no bumps, no sound of the road at all  — nothing but this, Whoosh, Whoosh.
Suddenly it came to me!  It sounds like swans.  Yes, swans.  The sound was like swans when they take flight, but only a hundred times more powerful and louder.
Then I thought, It’s an ANGEL on top of my car protecting me and guiding me home!  I could imagine this mighty ANGEL flying just above my car and I could hear the sound of the feathers as he flapped his wings,
As I drove into my car park I hurried to get out of my car, prepared to see an ANGEL sitting on top of the roof of my car but he was not there, God had called him back.
My phone rang “Where are you, Mum?”
” I’m home love” I  said
” What? already?” was my sons reply .
“Yes  I came home on ANGEL power”  I explained and shared my experience with my son .
“WOW ” he exclaimed.  We prayed specifically that the Lord would send angels to protect you and keep you safe. Praise His Name. AMEN! “
Though it usually takes over 35 minutes to make that trip, I had made it in 20 minutes.  I just want to say “Thank You Lord” for sending that Angel to me and for answered prayer. AMEN! 

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