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The Strong Floral Scent

Some people believe they sense the presence of angels because they leave the subtle fragrance of flowers. This story is about a woman who believes the guardian angel who saved her left a strong sweet fragrance in his wake. What do you think?


by Arden Regnier

About twenty-five years ago I was working a full-time job, trying to support my three young daughters on my own. I took a job a good hour’s drive from my home, hoping to advance in this larger company.

One cold winter morning about 8:30, I was heading to work traveling on the service road as I had just exited the main highway. Suddenly I saw someone driving what looked to be seventy or eighty miles per hour coming out of one of the side streets onto the service road. When I noticed this car I panicked, knowing I was going to get hit because he was just a few feet from the side of my car. All I thought about was my daughters and I momentarily closed my eyes and prayed. By some miracle, this car missed me by inches. I was badly shaken but I kept going. Within moments I could smell a strong scent of extremely sweet flowers and began to calm down. I spoke to no one about this wonderful floral scent and the instant calmness, assuming people would think I was crazy because it was dead of winter here in the East, my car windows were closed and there were no flowers to be seen.

Years later I was speaking to a fellow Sunday School teacher, relating the calmness and floral scent, knowing she wouldn’t think I was crazy. She looked at me and said, “That was your Guardian Angel sent by God to take care of you.”

After that, I had no trouble telling anyone about this experience.

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