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The Prayers of My Grandmother

When I was young, my Grandmother used to always send me these wonderful children’s books of the Bible stories as gifts. I remember that time when I would play in the back yard on my own and talk in my mind to a tall brilliant handsome man. For the longest time i thought i had two dads. At fourteen I began to pray and meditate in earnest, and always this face of the same man came to mind, and always with great peace.

As with many teens who make decisions without thinking when I turned 16 and I finally got my own vehicle, I decided to race a friend down a gravel country road. It dipped and curved everywhere and my friend was fast enough that I couldn’t see his truck. I continued to accelerate up to 50 miles an hour and, all of a sudden as I cleared another hill on the gravel road I found myself looking at the main highway running perpendicular to the road I was on. It had a very steep and long embankment on the far side of it.  I couldn’t slow down in time on that slippery gravel in my full sized van, and the vehicle began to slide sideways, with only hundreds of feet left before I would certainly roll my vehicle over that highway.

Without knowing how it happened, I instantly blacked out, and found myself looking at the back of someone’s head driving my van. He was very very big, possibly 7 or 8 feet tall. His large forearms made my steering wheel look like a child’s toy.  And as fast as I blacked out, I came to and driving still at around 50 miles an hour, but cleanly on the highway, heading toward home.  I found out years later that my wonderful Christian Grandmother had been praying very hard for me that day. She knew something was wrong and that God would have to step in.

I didn’t know how to interpret this interception in my life at that time, until at 20 years old I began attending prayer meetings, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. In that first year of accepting Christ, I began a habit of meditating and praying in earnest, and then writing all my thoughts down that might have been inspired from that 30 minute meditation.  And one early morning, I woke up suddenly, but very groggily, planned to kneel and pray and start my time of meditation, but as I opened my eyes I looked up and saw this wonderful very large, very perfect and brilliant man (my guardian angel) – that same man I saw as a child and that same man who I saw driving my van at 16. And he said, “get up and write. I have something to tell you.”

I was still very sleepy, very heavy, like a light trance of meditation really, as I sat at my college desk. And I began to write a story to myself with his deep baritone voice talking to me, and holding my hand with his ( I could see this very large bright arm holding my hand steady as I wrote – or possibly as he wrote).

He told me the times he was there to save my life, even as young as five years old, several of which I did not know of until I asked my mother later, who described this same “man” once who saved me from being run over by a freight truck in a parking lot.  He told me that my life in dedication to God and to Christ would only bring me much happiness, and that he would always be near under God’s will to send me where I should go.

I woke up from that sleepy dreamy writing and found myself looking at this page, and no angel nearby anymore. Just me and this letter. I cherished it for awhile until somehow it got lost. I think that was God making sure that it was Him Who got the cherishing and not an event in time. It changed my every day to now at 44 years old.

God is more with us than we can ever believe. And there are guardian angels assigned for our guidance and Salvation, without a doubt.

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