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The Night Two Angels Met

by Tamra Thomas

It was the week after Christmas and my husband Brad and I were driving through
Oklahoma on our way back from visiting my family in Missouri. It was a cold
wintry night with blustery wind, snow and icy roads. To add to this, my throat
hurt so badly it felt like it was being sliced with a knife every time I swallowed.
I had completely lost my voice. Every once in a while my husband would look
over and give me a reassuring wink that told me we would be home before I knew

All of the sudden a car passed us in the left lane; the occupants frantically
pointed back at our back left tire. The road conditions were so bad we had not
even noticed it was flat! Thankfully, we were approaching the little town of
Kiowa, OK. Even though it was a small town, we were thankful it was there. Brad
pulled the car over at the next convenience store we saw. He donned his gloves
and scarf and went out to diagnose the tire. It took a few minutes and then
he came back in the car and said that this repair would take awhile. He recommended
that I go inside and warm up with a hot drink. It was late and I was tired and
extremely ill. I bundled up, bid my husband good luck and went inside. The smoke
was heavy inside the store, but I was thankful that we weren’t in the middle
of nowhere when the tire went flat. I bought a coffee and sat down at a booth.

After fifteen minutes or so Brad came back in. “Bad news,” he said.
The tire was not only flat but had been driven off the rim. At that point, we
realized how grateful we were to the couple pointing out the flat. If they hadn’t
told us, we could have lost our lives.

Brad went up to the counter and asked the clerk where the closest Wal-Mart Super
Center was. She said there was one about sixty miles to the south and one about
twenty minutes behind us to the north. Brad said that there was no way that
we would make it on the tire we had.

The clerk said, “I’m sorry sir, but all the mechanic shops in this town
are closed on Sundays.” We thanked her anyway and Brad went back out to
see what else he could do.

It had been about forty-five minutes more and I began to pray. “God, we
need your help. Please send someone to help us. I am sick and Brad will get
sick if he stays out in this cold much longer. We are so desperate God. We need
a miracle.”

I went back up to the clerk and whispered roughly “Madam, we are passing
through on our way to Dallas and I am not sure what we should do here. My husband
has been working on this tire for over an hour and is not getting anywhere.”

She shook her head and started to say something when a young girl behind me
overheard and said, “Ma’am, I heard your story and think that I might be
able to help you. My father runs a garage here in town. Where is your car?”

“Oh, bless you! My dear husband has been trying to get the old tire off
for over an hour and is not having any success.”

Together she and I went outside to meet Brad. Boy did he welcome the relief!
She examined the tire and told us that if we could just drive it to the next
parking lot over that she could repair it in her father’s garage. We couldn’t
believe what we were hearing! It seemed way too perfect to be true. When Brad
got in the car to drive it over I told him that I prayed for a miracle this
night. He said that this definitely was one.

He and the young woman took about an hour fixing the tire. I spent the time
praying and thanking God for this blessing. At one point Brad came in the car
to check up on how I was doing. I told him that we should pay this girl generously
considering that she had come to our rescue. He agreed without hesitation.

When he went to pay her, I could tell that she was being reluctant with the
money Brad was trying to give her. Then I noticed that she looked down, teary-eyed
and accepted the money. They spoke for a few more minutes and then we left.
We both thanked her and told her what a miracle she was to us.

When Brad got back in the car and we drove off, he explained what the conversation
was about. The young woman said we owed her twelve dollars. Brad handed her
fifty and at first she declined it, saying it was too much. Then she looked
up with tears in her eyes and said, “my husband just lost his job and we
really need this money. We were wondering how we were going to buy groceries
this week, but now, thanks to you, we will make it through the week.”

Brad told her that it was his pleasure and that we were each other’s miracles
on this night. He assured her that she has someone up above that is watching
over her. She admitted that she did.

When we look back on that night we see several blessings. We also realize that
our heavenly Father had the entire night planned to help teach us and bless
all involved. He just wants us to trust Him! What started out as a dreadful
evening led to two beautiful miracles that both families will never forget.

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