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The Missing Wedding Ring

by Elizabeth Abbott

It was the day before Elizabeth Abbot’s second wedding anniversary. She was at work in a meeting when suddenly she jumped up exclaiming, “Oh my God! I’ve lost my wedding ring!” In a near panic, she ran down five flights of stairs praying constantly on her way to her car in the parking lot. She remembered that earlier that morning while driving to work she had taken her ring off and placed it in her lap to apply hand cream. Silly, she thought. Just plain silly!

When she reached her car she began frantically to search for the missing ring, looking everywhere in the car, under the car. She was nearly sick with worry when out of nowhere, a woman appeared and asked if she could help. Elizabeth said, “I explained my situation…that the next day was my anniversary and that my husband would be deeply upset if I lost my ring. She asked me if I was happily married and I replied yes, more than you’d ever know.”

Then she noticed the ring.  “It was behind the rear tire of “her” car, which was parked right next to mine. I was overjoyed and raised my eyes to heaven and said, ‘Thank You, Lord,’ and the lady replied ‘I know what that’s all about’.”  

Overjoyed at finding her ring, Elizabeth was immediately occupied with putting it on her finger and examining to see if there was any damage. Then, remembering that she had thanked the kind lady for her help, she turned to do so. “But I couldn’t find her or the car that had protected my ring for so many hours.” Elizabeth said. “The parking lot is that of a busy hospital where hundreds of cars come in and out all day long. I know in my heart that she was my angel because I was left with such an overwhelming sense of peace and an incredible awareness of heavenly protection.”  

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