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The Miraculous

submitted by Diane M. Hale

”I will pour out my Spirit On those who serve me…and signs on
the earth below…”
[Acts 2:18-19 The Message]

As I stood pumping gas mentally grumbling at the price of
gasoline and wondering at my ability to ‘keep paying the price’ little did I
know a miracle was about to happen.

I entered the gas station to pay and not wishing to stand in
the ‘cue’ [line] I slipped into the restroom. When I returned there was only one
customer left ahead of me. Suddenly I found myself in the midst of a furious
debate over the obvious display of pornographic material in the shop, by this
time the air was blue with vulgarity and threatened violence—[I couldn’’t help
but wonder why someone with such language cared about vulgar pictures!] I kept
my mouth shut and prayed! Finally the terrible scene ended as the irate customer
threw down his shopping and in fury likened to hurricane Ivan, left the store.

I handed the owner my credit card for my gas purchase and after a few
exchanges of very puzzling communication I realized he was telling me that the
friend that came with me had already paid for my purchase. By this time there
were no other customers or vehicles in sight. And wishing to convince me the
owner showed me the receipt signed with a typical non-readable signature.

No friend had come with me; I’d never been in this gas station before! I
did however hear the voice of the Lord say—”I have paid the price and will
continue to pay the price for your purchase!”
For our safety and our supply
know this—in this violent and corrupted generation God is with us.

This was used by permission from the author
of “Morning Light”, a daily devotional published by Unique By Design
Ministries for encouragement, edification and empowerment. For more
information about the UBD ministry please visit our web site. http://www.uniquebydesign.org

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