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The Miracle of Sarah

by Pam Cross

I am writing about a miracle that happened several years ago. It was such a powerful miracle DayStar Television made a reenactment of the story. The day after my daughter came out of the hospital, I sensed the Lord saying he wanted me to write the testimony, and do give it as He leads. So, here is the testimony that I wrote the day after she came home from the hospital in March, 2000.

My Story: I’m sharing this in hopes that this testimony will be an encouragement to others. I am a married Christian woman of four children; Jake, Moriah, Hannah and Sarah.

God has blessed me in the last month to be able to spend more time than usual worshiping Him, and I sensed that He was preparing me for something. Prior to this time I had heard a testimony of a couple in ministry (the Salems) whose precious little girl, Gabrielle, went to be with the Lord. Their testimony was so incredible. The grace of God that was on them was so evident.

One of the statements that really stuck out to me was when the mother said that after her daughter died others would ask her, “Do you ask God why this happened?”

She replied, “God could not give an answer good enough to satisfy a mother. But God is all knowing and I know He’s in control and I trust Him. I don’t have to know why; I don’t even go there.”

Her response really stood out to me then. It impressed me even more after what happened to my own two-and-one-half year-old daughter, Sarah.

It was March 15, 2000. My son was playing basketball, and I was taking Moriah
and Hannah to the YMCA Kids Club. Sarah had a cold and couldn’t go. My husband,
George, held her in his arms as I was leaving and said, “Daddy’s got a
lollipop for you.” Excited about getting candy, she went with him to get
a lollipop while I went downstairs into our garage and seated my other two daughters
in the van. As usual I opened the garage doors and checked for toys in the driveway
or any children that may have been in the area; all was clear.

Meanwhile Sarah, who had been sitting in her little chair happily eating her
lollipop when I left the house, had slipped quietly down the stairs, opened
the door and went outside unnoticed by her dad.

I started the van and put it in reverse, backing cautiously out of the garage
when I heard a man’s voice yelling, “STOP!!!” Realization struck me.
I had run over a toy or something.

I figured that I must have run over a toy, so maybe I should go forward so
he can get the toy. Then I heard a scream, “Oh God don’t do that!”
That’s when it registered I must have ran over a cat or something. Then the
thought came, Oh! What if I had hit a child?

Trying to remember in a matter of seconds any children outside and I knew there
were none. I opened the door and the most awful feeling came over me when I
saw it was my little Sarah. Her face was to the ground.

I asked, “Is she Okay?” The man (my neighbor) screamed, “I don’t
know! Call an ambulance!”

I ran upstairs saying to my husband in tears, “Honey, I just ran over


“Honey, I didn’t see her.” I said as I rushed to dial 911. He was
crying as he ran downstairs.

Then George came up with Sarah in his arms. What I saw was the most horrific
thing I have ever seen. Looking at her you knew that unless God did a miracle
she was going to die or have severe brain damage.

[I didn’t know it at the time but for the first time ever George was having
flash backs of the Vietnam War of little children that were blown up. But this
time it was his very own child. The enemy was attacking his mind from that point
on and all through the night telling him, “I am going to have your mind.”
Through prayer and the prayer of others God gave him the victory over the flashbacks.]

George was crying, “Pam, she is going to die.”

Oh, the incredible grace of God! Somehow I was able to remain calm and say,
“George, no. She is not going to die. She will be fine.”

The only prayer that I could utter was “Lord, have mercy.”

My son was screaming hysterically, and I said, “Jake, I know this is so
hard, but she will be fine. Please . . . just pray.”

Then I tried calling my church and four times and I kept getting some Autobody
department. (I believe God allowed that to happen to show me his faithfulness,
and to know that He would raise up the intercessors). The ambulance came relatively
quickly. They didn’t dare say, “She will be fine.” All they could
tell me was, “We are taking good care of her.”

While I was outside talking with a neighbor, I asked if she knew any place
to start a Christian prayer chain. She said she would. Then I went off in the

While I was outside George was on the phone calling Daystar Ministries for
prayer. They immediately put someone on that was a prayer warrior, and George
said that they prayed like it was their own child. He also called the ministry
of the couple who had lost their daughter, the Salem’s, and again they prayed
like it was their own child. Afterward I discovered that prayer was going up
all over the United States.

Meanwhile I was in the ambulance and I couldn’t pray. I just said, “Lord,
you will have to raise up the intercessors; I can’t pray.” The enemy was
attacking my mind, “She’s going to die! Just look at her! How bad she looks.”
And, “If she does make it out alive she will certainly be a vegetable.”

These thoughts were going over and over in my mind when the grace of God came
on me and I said, “Look! God is sovereign and if God wants her to stay
then she will stay. And if God wants her to be with Him she will be with Him.
But either way God will be glorified! And I am going to praise and Glorify God
either way!”

Suddenly I felt an unusual peace come over me, even more that I had before.
And I heard the Lord say, “Pam, she is going to be fine; and not only that
but I will use this to answer the prayers you have been praying.”

Immediately the thought came, “God wouldn’t allow this to happen in order
to answer my prayers!” And the questions started to rise. That’s when I
recalled the response of Gabrielle’s mother: “I don’t need to know why;
I don’t need to go there.” And I was able to keep my peace.

When I arrived at the hospital friends were there with me. And I would say
“I have such peace I feel like I need to pinch myself.”

Well, shortly afterward I got the news that Sarah would be fine, that she had
no broken bones. They said they needed only to clean and stitch where she had
been cut and to put in a tube for a punctured lung. They said she had a front
and back fracture on her head, but they were nothing at all to be concerned

Sarah came out of the hospital in four and a half days and she is back to her
normal self again. NO complications! Praise the Lord! This whole thing shows
the mercy of God how he prepared me even before it happened.

But when I think of the fact that I ran over my daughter’s head with a large
Grand Caravan and she is perfectly normal, I can only say, “WOW. God is
so Good!”

Follow up on little Sarah’s miracle from her mother: “My daughter
is now eight years old now. She only remembers from what we’ve told her. She
does have a scar on her forehead. Last year when I was putting her to bed she
said to me, “Mom, I have a scar on my forehead don’t I?”

My heart sank. I prayed silently, “Lord, what do I say to her?”

I felt like the Lord said to tell her that the scar is not a bad thing, that
when others ask her about that scar, she will be able to tell others the miracle
that the Lord did in her life, and some may get saved.

I shared what the Lord had whispered in my heart. Sarah replied, “Oh,
that will be good, Mommy.”

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