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The Lord Sent An Angel

The Lord Sent An Angel


The Lord sent an angel

To watch over you

To love and protect

Everything that you do


And now that you’ve mastered

His plan here on earth

The Lord’s called his angel

To bring you new birth


On the wings of your angel

You’ll fly to the light

Where the Lord waits to welcome

You into his sight


Your eyes are now open

Bathed in radiant beams

The Lord has shone on you

No, ‘tis not in dreams


Your angel will lead where

He wants you to be

Up there in His presence

For eternity

This was written following the death of a close friend, Derek, who entered eternal life on Good Friday, 2008.  Whilst untimely, this was a fitting end for him.  He was a Franciscan Tertiary.  We met because my husband and I bought an ex convent and he had been appointed guardian to one of the elderly nuns who lived here.  We still visit her at her home within the Community of St. Francis in Birmingham, England.

(c) Mrs Rae Flather
Greystones, First Ave, Newcastle under Lyme, England, ST5 8QX

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