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The Little Girl Who Saved my Baby

In his book, Angels, Billy Graham tells the story of an
angel who appeared in the form of a child who had died. Some people do not believe
angels appear in the form of women or children because the Bible mentions only
angels who appear in the form of men. My thoughts: Since angels appear in “human
form,” and since humans are male and female of all ages, angels may appear
in either form at any age. God simply did not tell us otherwise. Here is another
story about an angel who appeared in the form of a little girl. I believe it
is a true representation of God’s angels at work — what do you think?

by Brenda R. Paul

I was at home with my nine-month old baby. He was on the couch while I
went to the bathroom. While there the doorbell rang and to my utter amazement
a little girl who looked to be around ten-years old stood there at the screened
door with my baby in her hand. I was shocked, wondering how she had gotten
my baby out of the house.

When I went to open the door, she said, “Ma’am, your baby
was crawling on the porch and almost fell down the stairs.” I was in total
shock wondering how did he get off of the couch and out of the screen door.
I thanked the little girl over and over again and she said don’t worry and have
a nice day then turned to walk away. I turned to go into the house with my baby
and thought about giving the little girl some money for my appreciation. But
when I turned around she was gone.

I looked up and down the street but she was gone as if she had
vanished. I never saw that little girl again. I described her to people in the
neighborhood but no one seemed to know whom I was talking about.

My family members that I told the story to did not believe me,
however that was the day I started to really believe in angels. In my heart,
I knew that God had sent his angel to protect my son. He is now ten years old
and very wise and interested about God and his word.

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