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The Healing Touch

by Oguzhan Catal

I’m a deep believer in my faith of Islam and I know that Christianity and Islam are so closely related to one another. Because of my deep faith I seek refuge with God when I’m in despair or need mental of physical help. I went through a time where I was in emotional pain that was almost destroying me. Every night I would pray in my heart to God that he help me find the way out of the mess and the despair I was in as he is the best of guiders and givers.

One night, after many nights and days of praying for the deep pain to leave me, I was crying in my bed. Tormenting thoughts were running through my head and keeping me from sleeping. I felt I couldn’t take it any more. I was craving mercy for the pain and thoughts to go away. All of a sudden I felt this sensation go through me. The sensation relaxed my whole body, and my mind went totally blank. I was lying on my back at the time and when the sensation came to me my back reacted and instantly arched slightly. I automatically breathed in deeply and I turned on my left side in my bed. My eyes closed and I have never slept so well in my life.

To this day, I believe that an angel did come to me from God that night, and blessed me with it’s healing touch to relieve me of my pain and despair. Any one in a situation like me should always turn to God because no one can help you more than he and his worthy angels.

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