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The Charged

Four years ago I dreamed I stepped out of my body while I was sleeping; I looked back at my body and smiled. There was a sense of peace that swept over me me as I watched my body sleeping.

Suddenly a bright flash as bright as the sun exploded; when I looked around I was standing on a plain of clouds with a bright light emanating joy. I smiled and tears streamed down my face. It felt like home. I remember looking around and noticed there were about 30 or more figures in white all with bright gold, or silver or white wings standing there smiling at me.

I looked to my left and there was a man standing there about eight feet tall or more. He was slightly bald and incredibly clean shaven. I grinned at him. “Gabriel?!”

He looked down at me and said my name, grinning back at me. I asked him what this was all about. Still smiling he said, “We have been waiting for you for a very long time.”

I said to him “I haven’t seen you in 8 millennia.”

My head suddenly hurt. He placed his hand on my shoulder and told me not to strain myself to hard. I smiled back at him said “so why am here?” He said that there were tasks that I need to complete before I could be told why I was there.

A few feet away a small ivory stand arose from the clouds and on it was a golden piece of parchment. A quill was lying next to it. He then asked me what the laws of the angels were. Suddenly, as though knowing exactly what he meant, I wrote down seven lines of laws though I could not make out the letters.

He smiled and so did the others in unison. He said ” Good. There are only two more tasks.”

As I set down the quill one of the other figures turned black and its wings and garments fell off from it and it screamed “He will never defeat Lucifer! You are all dammed.”

As the angels closed in I instinctively threw myself in front of them with my back towards the dark figure I screamed for them to get back. Suddenly a light exploded from my back as large golden wings formed off my shoulder blades. The dark figure was instantly burned. As he fell back from the clouds and started to plummet I raised my right hand at him. A large beam of light shone from my hand as a large vortex or portal opened. As the being fell into the vortex four lightning bolts struck him and I shut my hand as the vortex closed.

I looked down at myself and saw I was also dressed in white. Gabriel was standing there with the others all of the smiling and he said the task were complete. He told me though in very stern tone that, “Our Lord God has placed a charge upon you; you and the others like you must protect the human race until he comes again.”

I smiled back at him and said “When can we get started.”

He laughed and said, “You humans are so funny.”

He sighed still smiling and said that it was time for me to wake up. I felt this rush of air over me and I jolted awake in my bed. I couldn’t help but start laughing. I felt calm that day that I haven’t felt since I was very young.

by Joe Heintzman


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