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The Car Horn

My uncle, his wife wife and four children had just come from a grocery store to buy a few items needed for the dinner. Everybody hurried to play except my uncle’s wife who started to prepare the meal.

Meanwhile my uncle went to the vacant lot in the opposite side of the house to check a few things there. He used as a parking lot and their van was parked about 500 meters away from him when suddenly he heard a horn blowing!

Looking around, he could only make out an image inside the van before he realized it was his youngest child, Jayvee. He rushed towards the van to open the door and let him out.

Poor Jayvee was all wet from perspiration and breathing very hard. He had been locked inside the van since they returned from the grocery store as no one noticed that he had been left inside the vehicle. He was there for almost an hour and he was really out of breath before my uncle heard the horn. A barely three-year- old boy is not capable of unlocking the door to get himself out of the car or opening the car window that was also locked.

My aunt was crying with thankfulness that Jayvee was found just before he suffocated being inside the car for an hour. She asked him, “Why didn’t blown the horn earlier so we can know you were there?”

And then Jayvee said ” i didn’t do it; I didn’t blow the horn.”

“Then who did?”

Nobody knows to this day; but when you ask Jayvee what happened that time he says he didn’t blow the horn because he didn’t know how to do it.

What would we think? for sure it was his guardian angel who did it to save him.

Praise be to God for giving each one of us guardian angels to watch us all the days of our life!

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