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The Big Man at the Accident

Harry L. Hopkins

Suzie was on her way home when the kids convinced her to stop and buy a pumpkin.  She pulled over to the pumpkin patch at the side of the highway and proceeded to the center of the pumpkin patch with the owner, a nice lady, to find a big pumpkin.  Suddenly there was a loud crash! A car had left the road and sheared off a telephone pole.  It rolled over one and a half times and came to rest on the shoulder, rolling to a stop about 20 yards from where she and the children were looking at the pumpkins. The children started screaming, terrorized. Suzie ran toward the car while the lady took the kids to the house to call 911.

The car caught on fire before Suzie could reach it. Her feet kept slipping on loose gravel on the berm and she felt helpless to reach it.  Just then a big man appeared and reached his hand out to her, pulling her up to the road.  “We’ve got to get him out! The car is burning!” Suzie exclaimed.

Together, Suzie and the big man lifted an old man out of the car. He was bleeding so they laid him gently on the grass. The big man who was helping her reached into the car and handed her a pillow for the victim’s head.  As she put the pillow under his head, Suzie exclaimed, “He isn’t breathing!” She looked up for the man.

But the big man was gone.  Without hesitating, Suzie opened the old man’s mouth to check his air passage and when she did he took a big breath.

By this time the pumpkin lady was back with the children after calling 911. The fire in the car had gone out of its own accord.

“Where is the big man who was helping me?” Suzie asked

“Suzie there was no man; you were alone!”

Suzie told me this story the day after it happened and is convinced that God had sent an angel to help her.

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