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The Angels That Brought me Safely Home

One night I was late (2200hrs) in going home as there were lots of things to be done in the office.

I took a train from Shaw Boulevard going to SM North Edsa (Trinoma Mall) as i always do. Tired and battered with the days work, I walked lazily homewards.

Walking towards home, if you take a short cut, one must pass through a small dark alley to reach it. I chose to take the short cut that night, maybe because I’m eager to rest my tired body. But before i reach that place, I had this feeling that I’m about to face some dangerous, unknown foe.

When I am about to go through that dark alley and all the same places that I know that is dangerous enough, I always pray to my guardian angel to accompany me, to see me through safe and sound.

I entered the place with a watchful eye, feeling every move and listening to every sound. I am about to go thru the midst of the alley when suddenly three unidentified guys run thru the other end towards home. I was startled as to why they ran away from me.

Then suddenly a girl, crying, ran from where those guys came from and said, “Thanks for passing by”.

I asked why are those guys running away? And why are you crying? The girl continued sobbing, “I was about to be raped by those bastards, but they saw you. I thought there were three of you. As I heard their lookout guy saying: “There are three of them, one small guy in the middle and the other two big ones on the side. We can’t take these guys. The other two seems to be muscular and taller than us.” So they run away!!!”

“Thank you again,” ended the girl as she run to where I came from leaving me wondering, where those two big guys on my side, came from and where are they now? I even forgot to ask the girl’s name.

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