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The Angel By My Bedroom Door

In the mid 1970s I was about five years old and was looking at books of Dick and Jane in my bedroom on my bed when my angel encounter occurred. I have always been fascinated by angels. As a child my mother often took me to a Catholic Church near where we lived. I loved the angel paintings in church and longed to see one in real life. So one day while looking at my books I looked up and saw an angel.

The angel figure was tall and appeared to resemble neither man nor woman. The angel stared at me with a very serious facial expression. The door was open ajar. I clearly saw the angel staring at me through the half open door. The angel did not look happy. I saw no wings only a very serious face staring directly back at me. I was a very wild untamed child because I knew no better. My parents let me run wild. Perhaps this is why the angel was not looking happy or pleased.

The angel looked exactly like the archangel in the church painting near my house that is spearing Satan. I only remembering staring back in awe. I must have been shocked. I knew that this was an angel. I have no recollection of what happened after this or if the angel just vanished. 

When I told my family about this my grandmother seemed to think I imagined it.

My mother did tell me no one in our housing facility looked like like what I described as if someone snuck in my home. My neighbors were very dark Hispanics. The angel had a fair complexion. My mother is very religious and I feel she believes me more than my grandmother did.  

I often wonder if I went back to my books [after seeing the angel]. My early years were filled with a lot of abuse and neglect. My parents fought too much. I feel this angel with a serious face staring back at me was there to protect me from harm. 

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