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Staying Tuned In

by Linda Van Fleet

Sometimes we expect God to send angels to help us and other people who are in need.  But, maybe God wants YOU to be the “angel.”  This is illustrated in a letter I received this week from my sister, Wanda, who has been having a tremendous amount of stress on her job.  She would never have thought God would use her in that area because of her own problems.  But God had other plans (as He often does):

“Last week on a trip, I happened to cross paths with someone I had never seen before…..in Ruby Tuesday’s. Forlorn, downcast are the least of the adjectives that came to mind.

My spirit was troubled, so when she left, I followed and introduced myself. I told her I sensed she was troubled.

Tears began to flow from her big green eyes and I felt a little helpless, wondering what I had gotten myself into. I waited and she poured out anguish and hurt and bitterness about her job! I just listened and at the end asked if I could pray for her, which I did right there in the parking lot. Picture this: me at 5’10” and ?? pounds standing over her at 4′ 8″ and 95 pounds soaking wet — praying!

Yesterday, I got a card from her and this is what she said: “Dear Wanda, I want to thank you for reaching out to me in compassion and care – just as Christ calls us to do. Your words have given me strength and reminded me that I need to be confident in who I am, in what I believe, and in what I say. I know my heart and intentions. I know God put you in my life for at least those words and your kind touch. Please know that I find your honest, caring and sensitive nature to be great gifts. Thank you again…..Becky”

I was blown away because I can barely remember what I said to her. Must have been a spirit thing, huh? I am the least in the Kingdom.

PS: I have no idea how she got my address, either.”

I often get mail from people asking me if they can become angels.  The answer is, of course, no – people are human beings, a totally different species of being than angels.  However, human beings CAN and should be God’s messengers (the definition of the word, “angel” is messenger); His ambassadors who have been entrusted with the awesome task of representing Christ in the earth.  When Jesus lives in us we DO “angelic” deeds.  It is our nature as Christians.  When we fail to listen to the Spirit’s voice within us people are left hurting, afraid and unhealed. What if my sister had not listened to the voice of God within her heart that day?  What if she had not been “in tune?”

Are you in tune with the Spirit of God?  Can you hear His voice?  Will you be the “angel” God will send to someone in need today?  Supernatural angel stories are wonderful – but even more wonderful are the stories of how God uses people like you and me to do the supernatural.

Thank you, Wanda, for sharing your story!

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