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Something Happened

How do you explain how one walks away without a scratch from an accident that
should have been fatal? Or moves to the left or right a moment before
a crane breaks and drops a heavy object on the exact spot we were standing.
When trying to describe the strange “something” that happens many will explain
it away as mere coincidence. But, is it? Is it fate? Is it luck?

Or is it divine intervention from a higher power?

Lisa Attinger of Chesaning, Michigan writes, “I feel I have been touched
by an angel. One Friday afternoon I was on my way to work when I hit some black
ice and soft ground. My car started to slide, lost traction and went flying
through the air as if doing a cartwheel, landing on the driver’s side.” Within
minutes rescue and medical teams of about twenty-five were cutting her
out of the car. And although she assured them she was okay, they strapped her
onto a stretcher and rushed her to the nearest hospital.

But she didn’t have a scratch on her. They released her unharmed from the
hospital and two hours later she was enjoying dinner with friends who joined
her in praising the Lord. Lisa said that she could sense the presence of the
Lord and his angels throughout the whole ordeal. Says Lisa, “Let this
be a message to everyone that it is important to believe in God and his angels.
My husband and I are standing on Romans 8:28 “And we know that in
all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called
according to his purpose

Can you relate to Lisa’s experience? Has there been a time in your life when
suddenly, out of the blue, “something” kept you from an accident
that was so close that when you close your eyes you relive the possibility
and shudder at what might have occurred if only “something” hadn’t

Like the “Something” in my friend, Maggie’s experience. She was
driving along a four lane highway, following a safe,
legal distance behind an eighteen wheel tractor-trailer flatbed laden with
a couple of commercial sized backhoe machines and several other smaller pieces
of construction equipment. The big yellow and white machines were strapped
to the bed of the truck with huge metal straps and there was no apparent problem.
But suddenly Maggie felt an overwhelming urgency to pass the truck. She was
already moving along at sixty-five miles per hour and did not want to speed
up but she said to her three youngsters and the baby who were in the car with
her, “Kids, I think I need to pass this truck. Hold on!”

“Mom, you’re speeding!” the oldest child exclaimed as she whizzed
past the big truck. Maggie was dismayed but felt an urgency to get around the
truck. “I’m sorry, Jakey! I’ve just got to get around this truck.” She passed the
truck and started to slow down to normal speed when suddenly she heard a huge
crashing noise.

The kids turned around to look backward through the SUV’s windows. “The truck is
falling apart!” one of them exclaimed in horrified awe. Maggie looked
in the rear-view mirror as cold chills ran through her body. The truck’s cargo
was flying everywhere on the road behind them, tons of metal and steel hitting
the pavement as the driver fought for control.

“Thank you God!” Maggie whispered in awe. She told me later, still
trembling from the near-miss experience, “I know God had his angels all
around us on the trip up here today.”

For Lisa and Maggie and thousands of other people who have similar stories
about miraculous “near misses”, the “something” that protects
them, or warns them of impending danger is the awesome presence of a mighty
God. He still sends his angels when we call up to him. He still speaks to our
hearts even in today’s chaotic world. And, when we put our trust
in him we are assured that he will keep us safe from harm.

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy
ways. They shall bear thee up in [their] hands, lest thou dash thy foot against
a stone.” (Ps 91:11,12)


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