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Someone Watching Over Me

Submitted by Trish Carns

Trish Carns tells the story of how “someone” saved her and her sisters from death. Says Trish, “One day when I was ten years old, my Mom and two sisters were sitting in the living room watching Television.

I was in my room.  As I was sitting there “something” told me to go in to the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen feeling really strange.  I remember asking myself why I was standing in the kitchen when all of the sudden I heard a loud noise coming from the living room. I thought it was my little brother coming in the door.

Then I looked around the corner and saw my step-father standing there with a gun in his hand. He began to shoot almost immediately. Terrifed, I ran to the kitchen door and was able to unlock the deadbolt in time for my sisters and me to escape.  Unfortunately,  my mother was killed and one of my sisters was shot in the leg.

It was then I knew that I had Someone watching over me. And I truly believe it was an angel that was telling me to go and unlock the door to let my family out.”

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