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Saving Hands

The rain has barely let up in the City of Makati (here in the Philippines). Hundreds of commuters were stranded and literally swarming along the highway. I felt as helpless as the person next to me. Buses were nowhere in sight and the head count was increasing by the second. Thirty minutes and counting… an hour and still nothing. My feet hurt and I was getting restless, so I whispered a silent prayer that my guardian angel and St. Michael, the Archangel, would protect and help me get a ride home.

A few more minutes passed, my bus arrived. Finally! Unmindful of my actions, I began to run towards its side (like so many others have), each of us trying to be first to be assured a seat. I was pretty sure no one would have liked the idea of standing for 2 hours more in that traffic…But I stepped inside too soon you see…the bus was still gliding to its proper stop and I couldn’t wait…My mind was quick to think during that critical moment. Critical because I was not able to hold on to the door railing for balance and I have to make two quick decisions before the fall: 1) force myself to get inside the bus and risk a twisted knee or foot but eventually get crushed by the moving wheel or 2) diffuse my weight to send myself flying backwards away from the bus but still get crushed minus the wheel.

I chose the latter, and a miracle happened! A lot of hands were suddenly beneath me, from my head down to my legs. THEY BROKE MY FALL! They carried me…everyone went still for a few seconds and they just let me get on quietly. Right then and there, I knew they were my angels!!! My angels saved me. Still shaken but otherwise unharmed, I looked back among the crowd and said out loud “THANK YOU. Thank you for saving me!”

When I arrived home that night, I recalled the experience with my husband, every detail. He was scowling at first but as I got to the part where my angels saved me, he ended up smiling and acknowledging the powerful protection and intervention of angels. We both can’t thank you enough.

I shared my experience likewise to close friends. Hopefully, they too may experience the love, care and protection angels unconditionally give!!!

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