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Rescued by Angels

Have you found yourself in a situation that, unless you experienced a miracle, you would surely die? Such is this short story of Gloria Loftus. She believes with all her heart she was rescued by angels.

by Gloria Loftus

In 1988 an angry, assaultive, apparently drugged car mechanic threatened me. I was renting a room in a less than safe area of Riverside, California, trying to recover from a traumatic divorce. I was all alone. It was late and there was no one to help me. I tried to call the police before he bashed in the weak front door lock and was informed all units were busy. I knew if this person broke in I could possibly be beaten to death, and I started praying for God’s intervention.

In about forty minutes as he screamed and threatened to kill me over a past due bill for car repairs, a squad car pulled up and two young, very nice looking police officers hopped out. They were smiling and calm, and they spoke soothingly to the crazed mechanic and he promptly passed out in front of them. They reassured me he would go away and he did. They brushed aside my offer to make out a report. One of them said, “No, don’t worry about that–we don’t need it. He won’t bother you again.”

Shaken and terrified, I sank to my knees and thanked God as they pulled away. I called the Riverside Police Station to thank them for their help, as I am sure the door would have broken open at any minute. I will never forget their reply. “There were no Officers dispatched to your house as it wasn’t high priority.”

I will always believe these wonderful, smiling Police Officers who radiated peace, were angels sent by God.

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