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“Will You Marry Me?”

submitted by Ally

I was divorced from my first husband and had re-married….I felt I had truly found my soul mate. I was finally involved in a great church (my first husband and I only attended church occasionally) and was attending a Ladies Bible Study once a week.

Even though a “preachers kid,” I had never really studied the Bible. Our first study was in the New Testament and we were talking about Biblical principles concerning marriage among other things. My whole life I had been told that divorce was wrong and as we were studying marriage and what the Bible says about it, the beliefs that had been instilled in me when I was young resurfaced. Needless to say, I needed some answers. Was my marriage wrong in the sight of God? If so, what on earth could I do? Would I be willing to give up my soul mate if God said to do so? As you can tell, I was very confused.

I was dusting furniture in my dining room one afternoon and I just asked God out loud “Now God, if this marriage is wrong, I need to know. I am studying your word for the first time in my life, and I am really confused. God, I need an answer.”

My first husband had given me a piece of Lladro for an anniversary a few years back entitled “Will you Marry Me? It was a beautiful, expensive piece, and I had it in my China Cabinet. I kept it, not out of sentimental reasons, but for its value. All of a sudden, there was a loud noise and I turned to see what had happened. The glass shelf where the Lladro piece was sitting had fallen….the Lladro piece was shattered…nothing else in the whole china cabinet suffered damage even though the glass shelf had fallen on other things.

I had chills all over me as I sensed a calming presence in the room. Even now, retelling it, I get goose bumps. I called my husband into the room and told him what had happened, and we just sat and cried, thanking him for his blessings. God is so very good to us, and He sends answers when we need them. I am no longer confused about my marriage and God’s blessings upon it.

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