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Mysterious Stranger

by Valerie Mirch

Valerie Mirch is convinced a young mysterious stranger was her husband’s guardian angel. She tells the story in her own words:

“On October 2, 1995, my husband, Bobby was at work contemplating his 46th birthday the next day.  He’d just come out of an office after servicing the copy machine when he saw a Spanish-speaking man frantically yelling and pointing down the street.  Bobby jumped into his car and drove in the direction the man pointed.

There had been an accident. Two trucks had arrived at the intersection
at the same time, neither seeing a stop sign, and ran into each other. They
were now over a drainage ditch.   When he saw what had happened he
called 911 on his cell phone, parked his car, and ran to the trucks.  One
of them had a camper shell on the back.  Seeing the driver of that truck
was unconscious he ran around to check the camper to make sure there wasn’t
anyone in there, and then went to the other truck. As he opened the passenger
door, a woman jumped out of the truck, her knees bleeding badly. She ran to
safety across the street. Then he went to the driver’s door of the camper truck,
to get the driver out.

When he opened the door, he could see that the cab was on fire,
and it was getting closer and closer to the man inside.  He reached in,
and tried to lift the man out of the truck. No luck – the man’s seat belt was
fastened and Bobby couldn’t hold on to the man and release his seat belt at
the same time. A crowd had gathered across the street. Bobby yelled for someone
to help him, but no one came.  The flames were getting dangerously close
to Bobby and the man when suddenly a ‘young guy’ simply appeared from nowhere
and helped Bobby get the man out of the truck.  Then the ‘young guy’ disappeared.
He’s never been heard from since.

About ten seconds after they got the man out of the truck even
as Bobby was  pulling him away, the truck exploded – the man had just had
2 propane tanks filled before the accident – and the explosion sent the camper
shell flying into the air!  The truck was engulfed in flames. If not for
Bobby, the man surely would have died. And if not for that mysterious ‘young
guy’, they both would have been killed.   I’m convinced that young
man was Bobby’s guardian angel.

A few months later at an awards ceremony, Bobby and Earl (the
man in the truck) met for the first time.  It was a very emotional moment
to say the least. Bobby received a few awards from the Fire Dept, Highway Patrol,
and the Retired Firefighters Association.  But he’s never forgotten that
mysterious young man who most definitely saved his life.

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