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My Vision

I could see myself on a very narrow road, the sides of the road were jagged and sharp.

A voice told me to take a step. I said no because I thought I might stumble and fall onto the jagged edges and hurt myself.

The voice said once again to take a step but I was still too afraid. Then the voice said to look down at my feet and I noticed that flowers (very beautiful) were growing along the jagged edges, the voice said to pick one which I did, it was a deep purple and after picking it, it grew larger in my hand; I seemed to get confidence to take some steps then because I thought if I did trip I would fall onto the flowers and they would break my fall. In the distance I could see someone further up the road. I was hoping it might be Jesus but as I got closer I could see it was a angel. He was very tall and big, about 10 foot tall and beautiful.

I asked who he was and he told me that he was my guardian angel and was given to me at birth. He told me to pick another flower and I said no I already had one. The angel bent down and picked a flower for me. It was the most delicate, beautiful flower I had ever seen, a light mauve in colour and the perfume was so sweet. I had never smelled anything so nice before.

The angel handed the flower to me but I protested saying that I could not possibly take it because everything I touched died. The angel pointed up ahead on the road to a doorway and told me to go and ask the Father if I should have this flower.

I went to the doorway and the brightest light shone forth. I could not see anyone but a voice came from the light and the voice said “I trust you with this flower.”

I protested once again saying everything I touched died and I did not want to let him down. The voice said I was to nurture the flower, water it and look after it and that I would receive help from the angel. The voice said that I must not come through the door yet because it was not my time. The voice told me to go back to my angel and to move quickly because time was short.

I turned and walked back to my angel. I told him of my fears and the angel said not to worry because he would walk this journey with me. I looked up again and saw the angel was Jesus. He said I will always be with you and help you take care of this beautiful flower.  Submitted by Lois

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