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My rose angel

I have always believed that Angels are always watching over us. Over the past few years I developed a mental illness and I have always had a hard time accepting it. This last evening after I finished my evening walk with my family I was in the car driving home and I smelled a sweet fragrant of roses in the air and, no one else could smell it but me. The smell lingered for awhile and then disappeared. I was sitting on my living room couch and another smell came to me. It was very strong very fragrant perfume and, it covered only a certain part in front of me and no one else could smell it but me.

I could not see the angel but I could breathe him/her in. It is said that the smell of an angel is the smell of flowers and perfume. I believe that this angel was here to let me know that I am okay and I am loved by God (as we all are) and that God and his angels are always watching over us. I believe now that God’s angels arrive to help when you least expect it. I am blessed to have my angel watch over me.

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