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This site has been online since 1995 (first as a sub-domain of another site, and then on its own domain). This was one of the first sites to present angels from a Biblical perspective and many people were upset with what some called my “narrow-minded” view. When this article was first published in 2004, I had already received hateful email from people who disagreed with my perspective. Today, my beliefs are still based on what the Scriptures say. Some still call me narrow-minded. My heart’s aim is to please the King of the Angels, Jesus, the Christ. On that I am steadfast.

My “Narrow Minded” View

The “I Believe in Angels – Do You?” website was created to glorify God and to share the wonders of His awesome creation.

I get many letters from people who express disappointment that I present only the Biblical view of angels. Some accuse me of being narrow-minded; some say I am biased.

Well, truth is, I am narrow-minded and biased about this subject. (A college student wrote to me to say he would never admit to being biased or narrow-minded. I asked, why not tell the truth? I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! If believing in the way of Christ is perceived to be narrow-minded — then I am. It is as simple as that.)

You see, I believe God is the Creator of all things. My knowledge and belief of the supernatural – including angels and miracles is limited to and exclusively within the guidelines of the Bible. God is the Creator of angels. Only God performs miracles.

We all have the right to choose our own pathways in life. I choose to follow the path as outlined in the Scriptures – i.e. the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. I believe angels were created by Him to serve Him (i.e – they do His bidding – not ours.) While angels are not connected to a particular religious practice, they were certainly created for the purpose of ministering to the “heirs of salvation.” According to the Scriptures, one cannot be an “heir of salvation” (i.e. child of God) without believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you want angels to work on your behalf? It’s not magic. It’s not psychic power. It is simply believing in the atoning work of Jesus Christ. When you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, YOU become part of their “job description.”

Does that mean angels will not work on the behalf of non-believers in Christ? Certainly not. God loves us all. He pours out His blessings upon all of us. His creation is enjoyed by everyone.

This is easy to understand when you keep in mind that angels are a part of God’s creation. Believers and non-believers enjoy the benefits and the magnificent splendor of the heavens, the mountains, the seas, the plant and animal kingdoms, etc.. In like manner, we all enjoy and benefit from His angelic creation.

However, as a believer in Christ, you are part of the “in-crowd” – i.e. you are in that number of people who are identified as the “heirs of salvation.” Holy angels have an assignment from their King to minister on your behalf. As I stated before, it is in their job description.

With all of this in mind, I hope you enjoy what you read on this website. If it offends you, there are many websites that offer a different viewpoint.


Linda Van Fleet