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My mother – my Guardian Angel

It was the first anniversary of my mother’s death and I missed her just as much as when it happened.  She had been very ill for a long, long time and finally passed away at home, quite peacefully in her own bedroom.  I buried her in ‘the woodlands’ as she never talked about what happened after she died, and I knew that one of her dear friends was buried there too.

So that day I went to ‘the woodlands’, it was a very cold clear sunny frosty December day and the sky was a deep crystal blue.  I was very sad and tearful and felt loathe to leave her graveside so I sat on a nearby bench to think for a while.  During that time I watched the sky and suddenly a few wispy white clouds appeared traveling by at speed; as I watched, one of them took the shape of an angel flying by – if I hadn’t have looked up at that split second I would have missed it.

This gave me comfort and I know it was her way of telling me that she was OK and wanted me to be consoled.

Since this event she has given me several other signs and I know she is at peace and is happy.

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