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My Grandmother’s Spirit

I’ve been feeling lonely and sad lately.  I don’t have any close friends only acquaintances.  The close friends I had moved away and I have only a few family members left.  But I’ve always been very close to my grandmother, however, she died 11 years ago, and even to this day there are times I dream of her at night.

Last night I had a dream that she miraculously came back from the dead.  I explained to her we don’t have a lot of money but if she claims the old age pension all three of us (my grandmother, mother and myself) will live okay together.   I assumed there would be no problem with this from Centrelink, that we could explain that she came back from the dead.  As time went on my mother died but even though my grandmother was old in years she still retained her mental and physical faculties well.   In my dream I told others how miraculous it is that my grandmother came back from the dead, my thoughts on this were that before I lived with my mother and now I am living with my grandmother and we got along fine.  I was also under the impression that my grandmother came back from the dead for the simple reason that she wants to take care of me and be my companion and will live with me until I can sort my life out and find some companionship.

This dream seemed so real and my thoughts within my dream were so clear it was as if I wasn’t even dreaming because normally in my dreams my thoughts get muddled and confused, but this was different.  I woke up feeling pretty sad afterwards though.

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