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Mother’s Life Saved by an Angel

By Carrie

One night in 1963 when I was a teenager living in Ouyen in the Mallee country of Victoria (Australia), my mother was asleep in bed when someone shaking her shoulder awakened her. As Mum was a widow and slept alone, it rather startled her. She had just settled down to go back to sleep when once again she felt someone shaking her shoulder, only this time she heard someone telling her in an urgent voice, “Get out of bed!”

Mum decided that as she was well and truly awake now she might as well head off to the bathroom. She got as far as her bedroom door when the bedroom ceiling fell right into the middle of her bed! I was in the next room and awoke with a start from the noise it made. I raced out into the passage and saw a very shaken Mum who told me that an angel had just saved her life.

Mum would have been killed for sure if she’d stayed in bed as it wasn’t only the ceiling that had landed on her bed but loads of pent up Mallee soil from frequent dust storms as well. Mum and I thanked God together for sending an angel to warn her to get out of bed.

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