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Miracle Mamma

Submitted by Michelle

God has always protected men. I was giving birth to my third child on the anniversary of my mother’s death. I had to have a Cesarean due to complications with any medicine they tried on me. Suddenly, I felt heaviness in my chest and could not breath. I told the doctors and then passed out.

Over the course of six hours I came in and out of consciousness twice. I remember nothing else from those hours except this: During the time I was in and out of consciousness I saw – in a blurry haze – myself on the operating table and, surrounding me, with their wings around each other like a football huddle, about five angels hovering over me. I do not know if they were praying or what they were doing. I only saw them for an instant and then I awoke hours later.

Later that night, I found out that I have lost two liters of blood and was given two blood transfusions. The maternity ward nurses called me the “Miracle Mamma”. I only felt incredible peace in knowing that my God sent angels to pray over me and keep me with my babies. Praise God.

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