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Messengers Dressed in White and Answered Prayer

Anna’s mother was in a very bad situation and needed to get out of it. She was half owner of her home, a triplex. Her mother’s sister, whom Anna said was “not a nice person” because she was vindictive and manipulative, owned the other half. Anna describes her mother as a tiny, soft-spoken, gentle woman. The family did not get along and had not spoken to each other in many years. Anna’s mother wanted out of the situation and had been trying to the house.

Anna relates, “The house was up for sale for five years but every potential purchaser was turned down by my aunt and her husband. We found out much later that there were many buyers, but my mother was not informed of this.”

Finally realizing the seriousness of the situation, Anna asked God for a miracle. She had an overwhelming need for His help. She and her mother prayed constantly that God would change things. She knew that He was in control but nothing seemed to get better.

Then one day in July, 1995, Anna’s mother was in front of her house sitting
on her stoop. She said it was the middle of the day, but that it was unbelievably
quiet. No children playing (in Brooklyn there are a lot of children in the streets
during the summer);  no cars passing. Anna’s mother noticed this after
a couple of minutes. She thought it was strange.

Then she saw a white car drive up the block and stop four houses up from her.
Two gentlemen, dressed in all white, got out of the car and walked up to her
house. She said that the “whiteness” of their clothing struck her. One of the
men was blonde and the other was brunette. The one with the dark hair stayed
at the bottom of the stoop, while the blonde one walked up the stairs.

Anna’s mother was speechless at his beauty. She said he was perfect. He smiled
at her and asked her about any apartments in her house being for rent. She said
that there weren’t any. He continued to ask her questions about the house. He
finally said, “Don’t worry, the days are numbered.” And with this final statement
he said good-bye and left. The man at the bottom of the stairs waved and they
returned to the car.

After they left Anna’s mother stood in shock looking after them. The man seemed
to know automatically that she was the owner of the house, yet he never asked
her. Anna relates, “The man spoke in English, but my mother speaks ONLY
Italian and she understood him clearly. I don’t even talk to my mother in English!”

God did give them their miracle: A buyer for the house was found in August
a month after the white-dressed messengers visited . Anna proclaims, “Thank
you God, for the answer to the prayers and the messengers you sent!”

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