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Light in the dark

by A de Bruin

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you..

Not a moment to think what if …

What if it was me and not you?

I know i see you most every where

in places, rooms and sitting in my arm chair,

Then i wish:”O God please let it be”

…then silence overwhelms.. still no one is with me…

I felt sad and alone

It was dark and cold, it struck through my bones

Out of no where, with no warning

I felt warm and It was like I was glowing,

I opened my eyes and there I saw

the brightest light…shocked in awe

The blood went rushing to my head

as I thought i was dead…

Suddenly a flush of calm came over me

I breathed easy as I started to see..

A shadow in that glowing light..

Coming closer .. blocking my sight

Closer and closer till I can see a face

My arms grabbed out and struck to embrace

I felt like jello from my head  to my feet

and felt a tear roll from my eye to my cheek

A warm embrace held me tight

A soft whisper:”It will be alright”

Now I know no matter where I go..

You are always with me in my heart..

And we can never be torn apart.

You watch over us all each day

You comfort and heal us when we pray

All You ask in return is honesty and a life from which all can learn

To love one an other and give a helping hand

For us to stand together and raise up and reach for your…

..loving hands..

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