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Is There More In Life


by Naomi Jean StoneWhenever you feel and blue and sad
About things you fail to do
Have you asked, is there more in life
Yes, there’s a better way for you
Have you felt lonely at times
I’m sure  you could say yes to that
Have you felt life was using you
You’ve been walked on like a doormat
Have you felt guilty sometimes
Because you made a big boo-boo
Have you wished to start over again
Surely this has happened to you
There is much more in this life
Do you want the Bible’s answer
It’s  accepting Jesus into your heart
As your Lord and personal Savior
I know that you’ve heard the story
How Jesus died on Calvary’s tree
For all of our sins and sorrows
So we could have life more abundantly
But it takes more than knowing the story
And it’s another thing to just believe
Jesus wants you to really know Him
The secret is to reach out and receive
Jesus said I am the way and the life
No one comes to the Father but by me
No church, no works, no money, He says
Can give you eternal life—-it’s free
But it’s free only to those who trust Him
Those who call upon His name and say
Jesus forgive me of all my sins
I want more in life- I want you- today

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