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Is he an Angel?

About two years ago when i was eleven, my mom was seriously sick. I didn’t now what was wrong with her. So when it was time to go to my dad’s house i got a call from the hospital saying my mom is there really, really sick. I was in shock, but when she told me one of my friend’s parents went in and saw her laying on the couch and he called 911. I thought, “Oh thank the Lord that my mother is alive,” but i was also confused.

Because when i talked to my friend’s dad he said, “I was never there.” Was it an angel in disguise?

I was in shock at that moment again. When i was standing there next to my mom when she died. She woke three minuets later saying. “They told me it wasn’t my time.”

I was really really confused. Did her guardian angel just save her or something because after that moment she was fine and i mean really really fine.

Did an angel save and help her? Is my friend’s dad really an angel.

I don’t know but thanks to the “angels” My mom is alive and perfectly healthy, even though she has type 1 diabetes now. I thank the Lord to this day that my mom is alive. Because if she was died, i would be died. I love my mom so much.


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