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Heard an Angel

I’ve never told anyone this story before, except my family the day after it first happened.

When I was just seven I believe I heard the voice of an angel. I still remember that night clear as day, and wrote in my little diary the morning after what I heard. It happened about 16 years ago. That night I couldn’t sleep and was lying awake in bed, with an outside light streaming in through the window. I was awake, but my sister, who was in the bed across from me, was asleep. My parents were having bible study on the other side of the house. Everything was silent as we lived in a quiet cul-de-sac. Suddenly, I heard a voice right above my head say in a loud and clear voice, “the Lord your God will always be with you.”

After hearing the voice my eyes sprung open and my body froze with fear (I was only seven). I looked across at my sister but she was fast asleep. Still I asked her, ‘was that you? Are you awake?’ All I could hear was her heavy breathing, so I looked around the room. The outside light was streaming brightly through the window and so I could easily see that my sister and I were the only two in the room. And besides, the voice had come from somewhere above my head! I was so scared that my heart was thumping loudly in my ears. I can’t be sure if the voice was male or female. All I remember after that was pulling the covers up to my chin and squeezing my eyes shut in an effort to fall asleep.
I remember vividly telling my mother the next day that I’d heard a voice. I didn’t really get a reaction, as my mother thought I had just been dreaming. I think she also thought I was looking for attention. If only she had of known I was telling the truth. To this day I am still not sure exactly who or what it was that I heard, only that it was miraculous to say the least. Only now do I realize how amazing it was, as nothing like that has happened to me since. It has now been so long that I don’t think anyone would truly believe me, but I have always longed to tell someone this story. Even to this day the words I heard that night still fill me with wonder and give me courage when I’m feeling sad.

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