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God Visited me in a Dream

You have dreams that you can’t remember and you have dreams that you can only remember parts of it.  Then, you have the dreams that just never go away.  God visited me in a dream about eleven years ago.  I still remember it as if I had just dreamt it yesterday.  It’s because of the dream and what happened after the dream that makes my belief in God and of Heaven strong and real.

I was nineteen at the time when God visited me in the dream.  I was going through a phase that I’m sure all young adults go through with doubting their faith.  Does God exist?  If so, why is my life so boring?  Why is it that the bad people seem to get a lot in life and the good ones always finish last or have a hard life?  When I was in high school, friends that were influenced by bad things surrounded me.  As Catholic, I did not judge them by their actions because I am a firm believer that God is the only one who can judge.  I would try to persuade them to not do bad, but of course, they had “free-will”.  I noticed as the years went by my life was just normal.  Nothing exciting; but, I noticed my peers were doing things as they pleased and having the time of their lives.  It really made me think that I should be like them, because from my observations, being good had gotten me nowhere.

In the year of 1993, a music artist that I really admired was doing a concert in Hawaii.  My friend entered my name to win a pair of tickets to his concert and I won.  With winning the tickets, my name got thrown in another drawing for backstage passes to meet my favorite artist in person.  I knew that my name was not going to be drawn.  I was not that lucky.  A month went by and I completely forgot about the drawing.  I was just thankful to God that I had a pair of free tickets and that I was going to go to his concert.

The night before the drawing was to be done, God came to visit me in a dream.  I remember it so vividly.  I was walking through a white hallway with white clouds floating around the floor.  Curiously, I just walked down the long hall until I ended up in a huge hall.  At the center of the hall, I saw a gigantic throne and a giant man with a beard, dressed in a white robe.  I was in awe.  He didn’t speak, but he motioned me with his hand to come to him.  I did.   I asked, “God?”  He gave me a big smile and nodded his head.

He laid his hand on the ground and I walked onto his hand.  He lifted me up to where I was right next to his face.  He was still smiling when I tore into him.  “God, why is that good people finish last?  Why is my life so boring?  You said that if we do good, we will be rewarded.”

I was just going on and on and on ? and it sounds selfish — but you know what?  God listened to my complaints.  He listened like an earthly father would listen to his child complaining about what he or she don’t have.  After hearing my complaints for some time, God started rolling his eyes.  Although he did this gesture, he kept nodding his head, while keeping a smile on his face to let me know he was listening .  I was not scared.  I felt comfortable just letting out my feelings.

After hearing everything I had to say, he placed me back down on the ground and patted me on my head.  I turned to leave the great hall, but turned to back to say, “Okay, now.  Don’t forget to spice my life up.”  He smiled, nodded, and waved.  I waved and then I woke up.

The following day I was going about my daily business and then I get a phone call.  (Now remember, I had forgotten all about the drawing for the backstage passes to the concert.)  When I picked up the phone, the person on the other end was asking for me.  It was the radio DJ.  He asked me if I remembered entering a drawing for a pair of tickets to a concert and winning them.  I told them yes.  I don’t remember anything else of the conversation, but I remember him telling me that I won the backstage passes.  I screamed, “You’re kidding right?!?”  He told me no.  I was aired on the radio winning and saying, “Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  I can’t believe it!  I actually won!”

It didn’t end there.  The summer of 1993 was the summer of all summers.  God kept his promise and I got a lot of excitement in my life.  Everywhere my friends and I went, we would see a celebrity.  Our timing was perfect.  It was unbelievable.

Finally, I decided that I had enough excitement and I told God, “Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for everything, but it’s okay now.  I have a lot of excitement to last a lifetime.”

Every now and then I am blessed and lucky to bump into a favorite celebrity of mine, but I do not thrive for it.  This experience has taught me a lot and I have grown a lot since then.  Now, I don’t complain so much about what I don’t have.  I know that God is looking out for my best interest and he knows what is best for me.  Things happen for a reason and things don’t happen for a reason.  God visited me before I could “go bad,” and I love him for it!

You may think it’s superficial, but I believe that God communicates with his children in ways that he knows that they will be able to connect with.  So, no matter what anyone says, I know that God came to visit me in that dream to ease my doubts; to tell me that he is keeping score; and that all the good I have done has not been done in vain. Anyone who questions my faith and belief, I tell them that they can say whatever they want.  I know that God exists!

Submitted by Marissa Dasalla

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