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God Protected My Unborn Baby

Before I even knew I was pregnant, an angel visited me one night.  Almost asleep, I laid in bed preparing to rest up for another day.  As I became more and more drowsy, I felt a presence appear in the room just outside the doorway.  It was a shadowy figure, and I felt a sense of calm and safety from it.  It neared me and stood on my right side, hovering over my belly.  It reached out toward my stomach.  I felt the presence convey to me that I was pregnant with a boy.  Then, I blacked out.  When I woke, it was gone.  But I knew I had been visited by an angel. A couple of weeks later, my husband and I discovered we were pregnant.  Having been told we had a very slim chance of getting pregnant, this was definitely a miracle. We named him Gabriel, after the archangel.

When I was six months pregnant, my husband and I were on our to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a “baby moon”-our last vacation as a couple before we became a 3-person family.  We were driving down a highway when I felt someone say to me, “Slow down.  You need to slow down.  Get away from this pack [of cars we were in].”  It was such a strong yet subtle way that this Being communicated with me.  I felt instantly that this was God sending his angel to keep my baby safe. 

I slowed the vehicle down to under the speed limit and fell back away from the pack of cars.  About two minutes later, I saw smoke ahead.  The vehicles around me put on their brakes.  We all stopped.  Up ahead was an accident.  The car that had been on my right while we were in the pack, a Subaru station wagon, had been hit on the driver’s side by a semi-truck.  The entire driver’s side was caved in and crushed from the impact.  A man sat in the driver’s seat, appearing unharmed.  The 18-wheeler had pulled out into traffic from a blind U-turn spot.  Police arrived. 

As we slowly went around the accident, it dawned on me that we would have been hit if I had not followed God’s advice.  We would have been in the left lane and most certainly T-boned.  I would have taken the brunt of the hit.  Gabriel could have been lost.  In God’s glory, he sent his angel to protect us, to prevent harm to my unborn child.  God saved my child.

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