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Experience of God’s Love

by Cathy Minnich On August 3, 2000, I awoke at 7:00 am with a heart problem. My husband rushed me to the emergency room at the hospital. As I lay there on the emergency room bed, I was a bit scared; I knew something was wrong as they were working on me.

I started to get this feeling I was about to leave my body and I knew it. I told the doctors and nurses and my husband, “I am leaving now.” I remember that I looked up at the cross on the wall and asked the angels, “Please be with me and do what you need to do.”

I remember a real sense of peace as I slid out of my body. I found myself sitting in this blue room on a chair. There was a tunnel all bright and glowing with white light and love. A band of angels were standing in a half circle at the beginning of this tunnel. I remember looking at them, smiling, and they smiled back. They never said a word, but I felt the total love.

Then I came back into my body. I was so sore from the shock treatment they done on my chest. Since then, I have had a real sense of belonging to everything and everyone. We are one together as one.

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