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Divine Provision

I have always heard and read of people’s experiences about angels but I have never had the opportunity to experience one until one faithful Saturday. I am a member of my church choir and I had to go for rehearsals that day. Things have been rough at home in respect to finance and my baby was just a year old. We didn’t have anything to eat at home and the only money I had on me was just to take me to church and not back home but I just surrendered to God that I believe he would sort me out. I took my baby with me and left for church without eating.

On getting to church, my baby started crying because she was hungry. I didn’t have money to buy food, but surprisingly a friend of mine just told me she was going for lunch and decided to take my baby with her and bought her lunch. I just prayed and thanked God.

After rehearsals, another friend said she would go home with me since my husband was gonna pick us from church. My husband came by and we all left to go home but I was still praying for God to provide since we don’t have anything to eat at home. My friend left for her house and we got home safely. My husband decided to empty the boot of the car only to find a shopping bag filled with groceries and food items. He called my attention to it and asked how I was able to shop for the house.

I just gazed at him, speechless.  I told him it might be my friend had forgotten it in the car when she left us. I called my friend about the bag but she told me she saw the bag where I was sitting with my baby in church and she helped me take it to the car. I was dumbfounded. It was like a dream because no one could have kept a bag there without me knowing.

I knelt down immediately and blessed God for his divine provision. I believe it was a ministering angel that did it and we ate that night like we’ve never eaten before.The items took us for a whole week. HE CARES FOR HIS OWN.

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