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Did Angels Help This Young Boy?

It’s a mystery to some why young children and animals can see into the realm of the spirit world while adults cannot. I believe it is because young children aren’t jaded. There’s no skepticism; just open belief and trust. In fact, as we grow from young childhood into school-aged children we start training ourselves not to believe. We doubt. We get cynical. And we’re not even aware it’s happening. Then along comes a story like this one about a young boy who lifts a car off his dad. At eight-years-old he already seems fearful of confessing to seeing angels when asked how he was able to perform the miracle feat. Watch the video below for the amazing story. Notice how the boy seems almost afraid to admit angels helped him. Wonder why?

Eight-Year-Old Boy Says Angels Helped Him

Amazing? Yes, many will watch the video and say, “yeah, right.”

Some adults have long-since given up on believing in the spiritual universe just beyond the veil of our consciousness. However, God has a solution for that for those who ask. He gives the gift of discernment – the ability to see into the spiritual realm – to help us know good from evil, divine from satanic.

How wonderful it would be to have the innocence of a child! Is it any wonder that Jesus said, “Blessed are the little children…”

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