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Divine Provision

I have always heard and read of people’s experiences about angels but I have never had the opportunity to experience one until one faithful Saturday. I am a member of my church choir and I had to go for rehearsals that day. Things

Heard an Angel

I’ve never told anyone this story before, except my family the day after it first happened. When I was just seven I believe I heard the voice of an angel. I still remember that night clear as day, and wrote in my little

The Prayers of My Grandmother

When I was young, my Grandmother used to always send me these wonderful children’s books of the Bible stories as gifts. I remember that time when I would play in the back yard on my own and talk in my mind to a

Papa, Please Don’t Die

I was close with my grandfather, we had a good relationship. But I always had this fear inside of me. You see while i was very young my grandfather was diagnosed with Emphysema. Later on when i was slightly older, we found out

Kissed By an Angel

In 1997 my three children and I (Jermaine then was 10 years old, Anthony 8 and Latisha 3) moved to a new flat, provided by Bristol City Council. My children made friends with all the other children in the neighborhood and we all

My Grandmother’s Marriage Saver

It was March, 2007. I was lying in bed after having a fight with my husband and as always, he was talking about leaving. We had a big argument about the same things: bills and money. I was crying and lying there when

Kylie, The Miracle Baby

0n March 17, 2000 my daughter, Greta, gave birth to my grandson, Cameron. He was a beautiful baby and the apple of my eye and still is to this day. A year after his birth my daughter became pregnant but miscarried. Six months

Angels Landing

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2 “Have you ever been to Murphy?” my daughter asked a few days ago when we were trying to decide on a weekend destination. Her sweet little 4-year- old

Signs From Mom

My mother passed away last August. The few weeks before her death she was in the hospital and she was suffering. The day she died I had went to my dad’s grave (he died when I was 5) and just sobbed to him.

He’ll Never Leave Me

Have you ever been sick and doctors could not find out what was wrong with you? Well that is what happened to me in the summer of 2005. I had just started a new job, which I absolutely loved. My co-workers displayed a