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The Angel And The Storm

I was leaving home for the night on a stormy night on Saturday July 17th 2010 around 8:30pm. Ironically before i had left i was looking up some articles on heavenly angels! A few miles up the road i realized that i made a wrong turn so I go to turn

Wings of an Angel

I remember my birthday in 1998 vividly. It was my maternal grandfather’s funeral. He and I were not as close as I’d have liked, but I can’t help but feel that we became more connected while I was acting as pallbearer for the

A Marines Angel

My uncle was the most gentle man I have ever met.  In my entire lifetime, he never once raised his voice or said a hateful word to anyone. He was always the first to volunteer to help the community, or a neighbor.  It

An Angel With Ronnie

DO I BELIEVE IN ANGELS? MOST CERTAINLY. In June 2000 my husband, Ronnie, was transported to the hospital for a prior lung condition. When being examined by the ER doctor he felt a lump in Ronnie’s chest. Ronnie and I had been aware

Out Of The Darkness

Angels……… You say, “There is no such thing as angels”? I am alive today to tell you, if you don’t believe, you’re making a big mistake! After my management position was eliminated at a previous company, I decided to start driving tractor trailers

An Angel’s visit!

My mother was a loving and dedicated mother who loved her children, step-children and grandchildren.  There was never a day that went by that she didn’t tell me how much she loved and adored me.  She loved and nurtured her children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews

The Angel In The Car Lot

It was a happy occasion for us.. I had sold my house, bought a manufactured home, and finally, in January, 2006, I went to a local car dealership to pick up my new (used) car.  After much deliberation and negotiation of price by my

Angels Among Us

There are times in life when we do things that are somewhat irresponsible. One Saturday morning, it was my turn. My husband and I had been on a horseback ride and I suggested that we race to the house. This wouldn’t have been

A Beautiful Start To My Day

I’d like to share a story of an experience I had this morning, not even ten minutes ago. Just a little background first. I am an artist. I specialize in drawing angels, in particular, baby angels. I have drawn all my life but

Guardian Angel in an Elevator

Yesterday as I was in an elevator in the Time Warner Building going from my gym to Whole Foods. A couple and I began to speak with each other. They asked me how I was, and although they were complete strangers to me