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An Angel of God showed me the way

I am Vijayakumar Anand. I am not a native English speaker so please bear with me. I am a born Christian. I had experienced God’s love in my life so many times. But i do not usually talk much about it. But this recent

The Angels I Remember

The food we didn’t see but was sent (1975) It was the middle of winter and I was eight years old, my mum wasn’t very well she was sick in her bed and was off work for a while, I had one older

A Warning from an Angel

Several years ago I was in my car traveling home from work.  I work grave shift 4am till noon.  There are two lanes heading west, the direction I was traveling when I decided to pass the car in front of me.  I put my

Angels Are Real

I have always thought angels existed but one late night a few years ago I got a definite sign.  Two of my friends and I had just picked up another friend from work and we came to a usually busy intersection but it

Is he an Angel?

About two years ago when i was eleven, my mom was seriously sick. I didn’t now what was wrong with her. So when it was time to go to my dad’s house i got a call from the hospital saying my mom is

Angel Intervention

I have 3 short stories that could be dismissed as coincidence but I believe in GOD and Angels and like to think it was an Angel that warned / helped in each instance. Story 1:  Lost Angel The year was 1990, I was

Iwo Jima and the Gigantic Angel

My father was in the 4th Marine Division during WWII and was a signalman and radio operator. His division made 4 landings in the Pacific and he survived by the grace of God. The story I am sharing with you my Dad told me in

Angel in My Kitchen

I was a young single mom and allowed myself to be over stressed with worry. I had to decide to spend the balance of a month’s budget for either a snow suit or a pair of expensive corrective shoes for my toddler.  I

My Three Angels

From the time I was a child I always knew Angels protected me, but never knew their names. In 1997 my nephew, Billy, was murdered. To honor him I bought an Angel pin with his birthstone and wore it everyday. Sadly, in 2003, my