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Did Angels Help This Young Boy?

It’s a mystery to some why young children and animals can see into the realm of the spirit world while adults cannot. I believe it is because young children aren’t jaded. There’s no skepticism; just open belief and trust. In fact, as we


In April 2014, I had a major surgery, a hysterectomy. The day after the operation the catheters were removed, and the nurse told me I had to get out of bed and walk a little. I felt exhausted, and every movement caused me

The Angel Over the Right Shoulder

Following is a fictional story written by Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps in 1852. Enjoy! “There! a woman’s work is never done,” said Mrs. James; “I thought, for once, I was through; but just look at that lamp, now! it will not burn, and

Angels were with me

I was coming home one day from visiting  my mom in the nursing home, my mind thinking of her and how she will never be able  come home again.  As I came upon the road I was to bear to the right on,

We are not without His protection

I believe!  As I laid helplessly on a hospital gurney in July of 1989 I watched as my guardian angel stood over my body and protected me from being taken away. His exact words were “He is not ready yet”. I was laying

God Protected My Unborn Baby

Before I even knew I was pregnant, an angel visited me one night.  Almost asleep, I laid in bed preparing to rest up for another day.  As I became more and more drowsy, I felt a presence appear in the room just outside

The Angel By My Bedroom Door

In the mid 1970s I was about five years old and was looking at books of Dick and Jane in my bedroom on my bed when my angel encounter occurred. I have always been fascinated by angels. As a child my mother often

A Stern Angel

Parents are often forced to correct their child that is doing something foolish or dangerous with a stern and commanding voice of “GET OVER HERE NOW!” to keep their child safe.  In my incident it was an Angel commanding me like a stern

My rose angel

I have always believed that Angels are always watching over us. Over the past few years I developed a mental illness and I have always had a hard time accepting it. This last evening after I finished my evening walk with my family