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What Am I Missing?

My name is A—-, I’m sixteen. When I was fourteen, I was diagnosed with severe depression. Many people said to me: “Oh kid, you’re too young to be depressed – shut your mouth and get on with it.” Some of them were in

Angels Rebellion Against God

How did Satan convince other angels to join him in his rebellion? This was a question asked on Yahoo.com a couple of months ago. I loved this person’s answer (which was chosen as the best answer): “The reason alot of them, a third

Are Angels Ever Afraid?

Someone asked this question on Yahoo Answers a few months ago and received a myriad array of answers that illustrate how little most people know of angels: “I mean what is out there for angels to fear, they cant get divorced, they don’t

Do Angels Really Exist?

This is a question that plagues the people who really want to believe in the existence of angels – but are skeptical, unwilling to accept what they cannot see as reality. Believers, on the other hand, have no problem believing in their existence

Do Angels Have Emotions?

If you watch television, or go to the movies you will see angels depicted in various roles: falling in love, laughing, crying, pulling pranks … the list goes on. Here’s my opinion that is based on my understanding of the Scripture and my

Should We Worship Angels?

There are some Christians that believe in angel worship. However, this runs in sharp contrast to what the Bible says. God is very adamant when it comes to whom we give our worship. Worship, on the broad scale, means much more than just

What do Angels Do?

I get this question a lot – especially from young people. What DO angels do all day long? they ask. Do they just fly around all day long? Wouldn’t that get boring after awhile? Don’t laugh. People really do ask those questions. What

Do Angels Sing?

Some people believe that angels sing — and I am among those. In looking through traditional hymnbooks I find I am not alone. Fanny Crosby, the beloved poet wrote: Why do the holy angels sing? Why do the heav’nly arches ring With anthems