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I look to the heavens,
Far beyond the sky,
I raise up my arms,
I then shout WHY…..?
I try my best,
I work real hard,
Why do you endeavour
To break my heart?
I drop down on my knees,
I burst into tears,
Why do I have so many fears?
I call out again,
I say “give me a sign”
Please let me know that all will be fine.

I take a deep breath,
I then open my eyes,
I feel great warmth,
And then a surprise,
For I see two angels,
Standing at my side.
They held out there hands,
They gave me a hug,
They filled my soul,
With so much love,
They spoke unto me,
So that I did hear,
Do not sorrow,
Do not fear,
For we as angels,
Are always here

Just call on us,
At any time,
We will ensure,
That all will be fine.
So if you’re in doubt,
Or under the weather,
Remember to look out for
A beautiful white feather…

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